… Now with [Bird Face] book three … Wendy faces life's challenges on the more adult level. Ms. Toney is never guilty of author intrusion, weaving tales with spot on pace and intrigue.”
~Jean Ann Williams, author of Just Claire

… [6 Dates to Disaster] shows us the world of a teenage girl in her first year of high school … I especially loved the flea-market jewelry box that provides a touching end to a story I recommend without reservation.”
~Mary L. Hamilton, author of the Rustic Knoll Bible Camp Series

… a well-written story with realistic characters and situations … relevant to the struggles teens face today. I was drawn in by the voice of the main character and the humor—I even laughed out loud. But [8 Notes to a Nobody] also pulled at my heartstrings, and many moments rang so true they brought me back to my teenage years.”
~Theresa Linden, author of the YA novel Roland West, Loner

Cynthia Toney does a masterful job of delving into a young teen’s first crush. Girls will find the relational issues entertaining and educational, and sleuthing out an ancestral scandal kept the plot [in 10 Steps to Girlfriend Status] moving forward.” ~Glenn Haggerty, author of the YA novel Run

… most emotionally moving … it's never easy to see someone you love lose their grip on life. Cynthia Toney does a lovely job handling this difficult topic [in 10 Steps to Girlfriend Status].” ~A.J. Cattapan, author of the YA novel Angelhood

Cynthia Toney takes all the angst of a girl on the cusp of high school and wraps it in an endearing package, one that is filled with true-life emotion and humor. When I finished reading this story [8 Notes to a Nobody], my only thought was this book must be published. ...will resonate with everyone who reads it—adult or teen." ~Fay Lamb, author of Stalking Willow, Charisse, Libby, and The Art of Characterization.
Bird Face [book one] is the story of the awkward and somewhat shy, Wendy, who has a beautiful best friend ... a school bully she refers to as John-Monster, and a secret friend who offers encouragement with mysterious yellow sticky notes. ...[A] pleasure to read because it gets back to the basics, and the simple insecurities we've all faced ... direct and realistic dialogue, the innocence and sweetness was refreshing. ...a fabulously sweet debut, and a recommended read. Bravo, Ms. Toney!" ~Lee Ann Ward, author of There in the Moon Mist and Once Wayward"

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