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  • "I grew up reading Judy Blume's novels for teens and tweens and wondered if anyone still wrote stories for--and about--that girl I was back then... no vampires, no super powers, no paranormal or dystopian themes. Just a normal girl trying to find out who she is, where she belongs, and why it's all going to be all right." – reviewer

  • “Young adult literature captivates me when it transcends the generations. Bird Face does just that, taking me back to my teenage years … I highly recommend this book for teens and adults.” – reviewer

  • “Toney does a remarkable job of writing a seamless narrative that captures the angst of these years.” – reviewer

  • “It was incredibly hard to put down. I loved the characters and the stories; they almost literally grab you and pull you in like a fishing pole.” – reviewer

  • “Wendy's journey will guide young girls to believe in themselves despite the challenges they face …” – reviewer
  •  “… all too often characters can be presented as black and white stereotypes, two dimensional and blah. But the bullies and snobs had depth of character, and I could see why they were the way they were.” – reviewer

  • “Very happy to recommend this young teen book, Bird Face. Toney does not shy away from tough topics that are part of young teens' lives and presents it in an entertaining, engaging way. Especially a good read for teens who are not a part of the popular crowd. Thank you, Ms. Toney!” – reviewer
  • “We got this for our granddaughter and she read it straight through in a day. Couldn't put it down.” – reviewer
  • “Without falling into the pit of stereotypes, every personality comes across as imperfect yet with something to love about them. Anyone aged ten and above can relate.” – reviewer

  • "Bird Face is an authentic look at the important transitional years of junior high. Wendy, the main character, figures out who she is going to be over the course of the book. Will she be defined by her friends, parents, or a name-calling boy? She struggles with divorced parents, anonymous notes of encouragement, a misunderstood bully, and girls with eating disorders. Not only is this book incredibly well written, the message is strong and from a non-preachy Christian worldview. As a parent, it reminds me of what it was like to be in junior high, which will help me empathize with my girls as they get to that age." – reviewer

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  • T. J. Akers: “What I so appreciate about this novel is the age-appropriate honesty which Ms. Toney uses in painting vivid word pictures and scenes. She doesn’t sugarcoat life or misrepresent it, but instead, offers a hopeful message filled with humor and compassion.” | more

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    “With sharp wit and a message of hope, Bird Face gets real, focusing on middle-school friendships and acceptance …” | more


  • “Mississippi author addresses ‘invisible’ teens and their trials in Bird Face: … I urge you to read this book, then to give it to a girl you know who is struggling with her identity in that painful cauldron, junior high school.” – The Mississippi Episcopalian, April, 2014

  • “A standout among books written for or about the junior-high crowd ... doesn't deal with vampires, the occult, or any of the other usual subjects. Author Cynthia Toney nails the voice of the fourteen-year-old protagonist.”  – My Light Magazine, July, 2014